Carmel Icehounds Hockey Club
P.O. Box 57
Carmel, IN 46082

*All payments and correspondance should be sent to the P.O.Box listed above.


To provide Carmel High School/Clay Township students the opportunity to participate in high school ice hockey in a safe and competitive environment consistent with Carmel High School, Indiana State High School Hockey Association, Hoosier High School Hockey Association and USA Hockey rules, regulations and guidelines.

*The Icehounds Board members are listed at the bottom of this page.


To assure that all participating student athletes receive the best possible experience consistent with the USA Hockey Seven Core Values: To learn the value of sportsmanship, respect for the individual, integrity, the pursuit of excellence, enjoyment, loyalty and teamwork. The expected goal is to win a state championship at all varsity levels.


  1. Establish and maintain as many competitive teams as possible to provide maximum participation among Carmel High School/Clay Township students.
  2. Provide the best possible coaches for all teams.
  3. Insure the safety of all participants.
  4. Provide the best possible competition for all teams.
  5. Maximize player skill development and provide the opportunity for players to move up through the system to higher-level teams-from Blue to Gold.
  6. Maintain a club system with an elected Board of Directors and other standing committees to assure the best possible overall management of all teams for the benefits of all players.
President Karl Popowics
Vice President

Treasurer Jennifer Lapel
Secretary Steve George
Gold Team Manager Mark Sarno
Blue Team Manager Brenda Hudson
Registrar Bruce Barry
Ad Book/Fundraising Steve Cheslock
Coach Liaison (Gold) Donnie Morris
Coach Liaison (Blue) Dave Sosinsky
Scheduler (Gold and Blue)
Mark Sarno
At Large Tina Youkilis
At Large

At Large Tamra Munn
Gold Team Head Coach Dan Desmond
Blue Team Head Coach Mike Christe